Cast iron pipes & pipe systems

Cast iron pipes & pipe systems

 Cast iron pipe:

Cast iron pipe is a type of pipe made mainly of cast iron material, it is used as a pressure pipe for the transmission of water, gas and sewage, and as a drainage pipe. LSB produces cast iron pipe with many sizes, shapes and designs according to BS EN:124 with the top quality.

Cast iron wastewater is a cast iron pipeline system. It can be both external and internal. In some cases, pipes made of cast iron are capable of forming a separate part of the sewer structure. Cast iron pipes can be manufactured to different parameters. In the legal documents there are tables with cast iron pipe diameters.

Main application of cast iron pipe:
- Transmission of raw water and clean water for domestic water networks.
- Industrial water supply for processing plants.
- Sea water treatment plant.
- Sewage system, wastewater treatment plant.
- Recycled water treatment systems.

Strength: There are many loads that can put pressure on pipes. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the pressure created inside the system from liquids, vapors, gases, as well as from the inside - due to soil, different structures. Cast iron pipes differ from their analogues in that they can withstand high pressure, so they are used for the installation of central highways, which are located at great depths.

Corrosion resistance: The pipe is resistant to rust not only from water but also from domestic wastewater. Cast iron products are less sensitive to chemicals. Because of these properties, pipes are often used in industry.
Long service life: High levels of strength and corrosion resistance determine that this type of pipe can last for decades. But this is conditional if there is no impact of the shock point load.
Quality preservation for a long time: Plastic products continue to lose their hardness and are modified, and the cast iron change of production remains unchanged for a long time in operation.

What is a cast iron coupling?
This is an intermediate fitting used to connect pipe ends together or connect different devices on a pipeline. This equipment can be classified according to the type of mounting, based on the assembly with pipes, made of materials such as cast iron, steel, plastic, rubber...

The structure is quite simple, including a round tube body and two connecting ends. The connectors have different connection standards and are designated E, B, F.

+ E-end: The type with the form of a rubber cone that will be used to connect to the pipe.
+ B-end: It is a flange-shaped connector.
+ F-terminal: It is a type of pipe connection according to the method of connecting sleeve.

Advantages and applications:
- Easy to disassemble for replacement, warranty and maintenance.
- To avoid the case of thermal expansion and expansion the material is made of spherical cast iron or gray cast iron and coated with Eboxy.
- Helps protect pipes and equipment.
- Used in construction of clean water lines, underground water systems, wastewater treatment...
- Used to connect with pipes such as: steel pipes, HPDE plastic pipes, xingxing cast iron pipes, stainless steel pipes, ... or with valves (usually gate valves with caps) or water flow meters, other accessories...

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