Cast iron lamp post

Cast iron lamp post

Cast iron lamp post:

The lamp post is an essential item in the lighting system. Street light poles illuminate at night for long visibility, safety and security. It is also a commonly used item for landscape decoration. Used mostly for highway lighting, street lighting, urban lighting and for security lighting, nighttime observation to serve the lighting needs of the people.

The lamp post is made of cast iron material with a layer of anti-rust paint on the outside of the column body, usually with a height of 2 - 5m. Composed of many different parts, the garden light pole is essentially known as a unified cylinder, in harmony with color and design.

The main part of the lamp post

Basically, the lamp post consists of the main indispensable parts: the base of the column, the body of the column, the foundation frame and the beam arm.

Column base: As the bottom part in contact with the ground, the base of the column is linked with foundation bolts for the purpose of fixing the lamp pole, made of cast iron material to ensure the stability of the lamp pole. At the same time avoid the corrosion of weather or external influences.
Lamp body: The middle part of the lamp post, with the lower part of the body connected to the base, and the upper part connected to the lamp head. The height of the lamp body depends on the height of the whole lamp post.
Foundation frame: Designed with concrete triangular foundation with bolts.
Beam arm: there are many different types of beam arm with many different types of lights, usually those with beautiful decorative patterns, some types also have extended lamp arms depending on the needs of customers. Customers can freely choose from various types of lamp heads such as: Lamp head with reflector, lamp head with ball, or hexagonal lamp head.


Features of cast iron base lighting poles
- Made entirely of high-quality stainless steel, weatherproof outside.
- Light pole height from 6-17m or design column height according to customer's request.
- Column design in the form of round or octagonal.
- The column is designed without cross-body welding to help ensure that the column always works safely and securely.


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