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Cast iron gear

What is cast iron gear?

Gear cast iron is commonly used in some gear systems with low load capacity, low transmission and impact rates, but has a very small design. Gear soft bending can be used for closed communication systems.

Cast iron is an excellent material for the manufacture of gears because of its good comprehensive mechanical properties, good technological properties and low cost. Currently, there are many application examples of cast iron gears used in automobiles, tractors, agricultural machines, machine tools and other industries, such as helical bevel gears in automobile rear axles. , tractor transmission gears, etc.

Gears are a common part of modern machinery, found in watches, motors, and automation equipment. Because of the ease of manufacture and the variety of alloys, alloys are often the most common material used for gears.

Cast iron gear has higher requirements for wear resistance, so it needs surface quenching treatment, which is very important to ensure the comprehensive performance of cast iron gear.

How to manufacture the standard gear?

Casting in metal molds: casting in metal molds is used to make blanks of spur gears, bevel gears and gear fan strips. Gear blanks are made by pouring molten metal into a steel mold. When making gears, the precision of this gear workpiece depends on the precision of the metal die, the size and shape of the part and the quality of the molten metal.

Pressure casting: used to make non-ferrous metals. When casting molten metal under high pressure and speed, it is poured into a steel mold (the mold is heat-treated to a certain hardness). By this method, it is possible to fabricate external and internal gears. From zinc alloy gears with modulus m ≥ 0.3 mm can be cast, from light alloys gears with modulus m ≥ 0.5 mm can be cast, and from copper alloy - with modulus m ≥ 1.5 mm. For gears with additional teeth, pressure cast gears from light alloys and copper alloys require additional machining, thus leaving a residual for the tooth surface when fabricating the gear. .

Casting in molten mold: used to make workpieces or gears from steel and non-ferrous metals with complex shapes. The casting is performed in a high-precision ceramic mold that corresponds to the profile of the workpiece. This method has high precision, similar to gear machining.

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