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Automotive and machinery parts
Automotive and machinery parts

Cast iron pipes & pipe systems

Cast iron pipe is a type of pipe made mainly of cast iron material, it is used as a pressure pipe for the transmission of water, gas and sewage, and as a drainage pipe. LSB produces cast iron pipe with many sizes, shapes and designs according to BS EN:124 with the top quality.

Cast iron pulley

Pulley is widely applied in industries such as industry, machine assembly. The part that is responsible for transmitting the moving torque to operate the machine. We can produce according to customer's request.

Cast iron counterweight

Cast iron weight is also called as iron counter weight or cast iron counterweight. There are many types of cast iron weights, such as cast iron weight ball, cast iron weight plate, hold down weight and tie down weight etc. Cast iron weights are used for fitness equipment, building and farming machinery such as tractors, forklifts, engineering trucks and cranes.

Cast iron gear

Gear cast iron is commonly used in some gear systems with low load capacity, low transmission and impact rates, but has a very small design. Gear soft bending can be used for closed communication systems.
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