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Nguyen Van Quang

Nguyen Van Quang

Mr. Quang founded Luong Son Bac Co., Ltd in 2017 has maintained as one of the leading cast iron foundry manufacturers and a reliable partner of large enterprises.  As a general manager, orienting business strategies and developing the company in the long term . Proud to be one of the few companies with a team of experienced workers and technicians, we always ensure quality products and proactively deliver on time.                   


bui nguyen ngoc tu

QC (Quality control) & Technical Drawing Engineer
Bui Nguyen Ngoc Tu

Mr. Tu has many years of experience quality control in the field of design of cast iron products. He is not only responsible for how the final product will look, but also creates a clear vision based on how it is used and how it is created.

dao thi huong nhi

QC (Quality control) & Delivery
Dao Thi Huong Nhi

Ms. Nhi is good at quality control of cast iron products. She check directly  the stages in the production process, ensure the product meets the quality standards, ensure on-time delivery and timely delivery of exported goods.


le thi ngon mai

 Accountant  & Personal Officer
Le Thi Ngoc Mai

Ms. Mai is responsible for managing financial books and procedures, reconciling bank statements and accounting for taxes, income, expenses, depreciation, etc. Accurate quantification of financial position, liquidity , cash flow of the business, while ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

nguyen thi tuong vi

Nguyen Thi Truong Vi

Ms. Vi manage sales team, develop business plans and adjust those plans to ensure revenue targets according to assigned targets. She is responsible for the sales activities of the business' products and services, as well as look for ways to increase revenue and number of customers.

nguyen thi minh hang

Nguyen Thi Minh Hang
Ms. Hang is the linking between the business and the customer. She answer questions and resolve complaints, help customers get the most out of your products or services, bring in new customers and keep them engaged for the long haul.

tran thao ngan

Tran Thao Ngan

Ngan is a dedicated employee with flexible adaptability and has a head for business. She is the one who conveys LSB message to our customers under marketing messages.






Size of factory: 05 factories each workshop has an area of 2,000m2, 08 medium frequency furnaces, 06 Suzuki trucks, 08 belt trucks with a load of 15 tons of goods, 10 hydraulic presses, 14 forklifts.


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